Rising Heros

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    Interview with CDMers

    CDMers are the heroes of Myanmar Spring Revolution. Who scarifies their positions for the revolutions and participate in the revolutions without demanding anything. And without supports and surviving since 2021 Feb 3 and…

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    Interview with PDF

    What is PDF – People’s Defence Force ‌The People’s Defence Force of Myanmar (ပြည်သူ့ကာကွယ်ရေးတပ်မတော် ) is the armed wing of the National Unity Government (NUG). The armed wing was formed by the NUG from youths and pro-democracy…

  • Rising Heros

    Pyit Tine Htaung

    (Myanmar tumbling kelly) Under the dictatorship, The civil servants are happy. They corrupt for money. They beg for money. They get a better life. Therefore, they’re really happy. But, they are not real…