“Facts that make people more attractive”

We are always conscious of our appearance and look.

Our Myanmar society is doing body shaming, mocking about skin color easily. So, especially teenagers tend to feel humiliated. I have also experienced it myself.

And later, when I grew up, I noticed that a person has more attractive factors other than appearance and skin color. I want to share them.

1. Intelligence

As people say, intelligence is sexy. Brightness and being able to think make a person quite attractive. Here, it needs not to be a gifted or genius. One will be look good if he is able to think reasonably, have good power of reading and study, is open-minded, have skill in respective work or profession, and is brilliant and outstanding.

There is even a term called ‘Sapiosexual’. One is said to be a ‘Sapiosexual’ if he likes someone who is smart, brilliant and looks good in his eyes. As far as I’ve noticed, Sapiosexuals themselves are smart and open-minded to some extent. They don’t have any restrictions as rulers like only if she is a virgin or only if she is able to take care of even little things seriously.

So, the two together have a synergetic effect. They both improve each other. They get along with every friend of each other without getting jealous. They help each other in work without any extra things between them, like getting a password to check.

Actually, jealousy is usually seen in a person who feels small, isn’t it? One feels small when he is weak in talent, and then he feels jealous. Due to this jealousy, he keeps his partner from going high. When this continues, his partner becomes sick off of him. Therefore, among the things that make a person attractive, intelligence is kept at the top.

2. Attitude

If number one is brain, then the second will be relating to heart. Facts like having kindness, good-natured, mercy to weaker ones and sympathy, also make people look good. Even without being handsome, people will feel peace when they see him. It’s like even his face looks clear. It is commonly seen among charity heroes.

Another one is conviction. An obvious example is the current revolution. Everyone who is helping without staying, as if the revolution is not related to him, looks good. Some can’t even put on make-up and get dressed up, but I see them more looking good now.

3. Health

I don’t want to do body shaming. But being too thin or too fat also has an effect to some extent. There are people who are getting thinner or gaining weight easily due to the nature of their bodies. However, you can also adjust your body weight. Then you looked noticeably better. You seems to be healthy and have confidence in yourself.

Like that, one becomes less attractive if there is smell of smoking, being obvious of drinking alcohol when looking at his eyes, having yellow tainted teeth or betel stained teeth seen when he laughs, regardless of how handsome he is. Therefore, in addition to health, one should improve his lifestyle and personal hygiene as he can.

4. Skills

Here, I mean skills that are not related to your profession. For examples, some are skillful at drawing portraits; playing the guitar and the piano; in any sport and taking pictures, etc. It doesn’t mean that one can play the guitar as a guitarist or knows how to kick the ball as a footballer. It’s like you are skilled though not at your original job.

Although concepts like, knowing how to cook is a woman’s job and knowing how to cook well is a quality that only women should have, are still seen only in backward societies, in this modern time, a man’s ability to cook has become an attractive factor.

5. Personal style

Some only wear Myanmar clothes. They wear it not only when they go to pagodas or charity but also when going to the office and attending the course. It’s their styles. They wear just a watch as an ornament. Such a simple style is attractive.
Some boys look good with long hair. Some look better with shorter hair. Some girls go well with more masculine fashion. There are those who don’t go with the design with flowers and branches.

The main thing is to know what style suits you. Don’t follow what others do. Don’t wear whatever is trendy. It is necessary to look better and feel comfortable with your own style.
Consistency is important for having a personal style. The style will be seen as yours only if you express it consistently. You can do things like wearing only collarless shirts, and for the ones who wear glasses, you can wear glasses that most people don’t usually wear (for example, big glasses).

You can also dress neatly at any time. Not like Ma Phyu Phyu Kyaw Thein, who is idiosyncratic and running ahead of the times. She is like that as she is a singer. You can create a personal style just from the framework of what you normally wear and do.

6. Personality

For example, actor Zenn Kyi is not so handsome in appearance. So what makes him look good is his personality. There is integrity, righteousness and loyalty. I believe that there will be no flattering with other models and actresses, like some actors. He also has a strong desire for his art.

Min Maw Kun has a rebellious personality. Many of his films are the same. Just watch the movie “A bad guy with a beautiful heart”. It went well with him. If it was Pyay Ti Oo, it wouldn’t be possible because he has a stable, clever and calm personality.
Look at actresses, singers and other celebrities too. They have different personalities. Not just them, you have it too.

As for me, I am feminine. In other words, I have a lot of characteristics that are only defined for women. I am gentle, polite, humble, sympathetic and tolerant. You might notice it if you read my posts, and some really close people out there know that.

When it comes to solving a problem, I don’t tend to be bold and confrontational. For example, when I go out and park the car, if someone from that house comes out and says that this is where they will park their car, I will park at other free places. I wouldn’t ask whether they own it or pay the tax to the municipality. I won’t spend all my important time and energy on a small thing like this.

There is no such personality which is defined as a good personality. There will be people who like the manly style like Min Maw Kun, Daung and Lee Byung-hoon. There will be someone who likes the gentleman. There will be people who like soft and humble men. Everyone will have their own audience.

In fact, pretty, good looking and attractiveness is subjective. It depends on each one. There are a lot of things that I don’t like although they are handsome and likable for most people. Although the figure is handsome, if one is not talented, has a bad attitude and incorrect perception, then it’s all in vain. Miss Universe is not about choosing the most beautiful person. If the Prime Minister of Canada is not a talented person, but an average person, no one will be interested in him just because of his good looks.

Therefore, although looks and skin colors are difficult to fix, I want you to know that more convenience in the workplace, success and being trusted are in your own hands through looking good and being attractive.

Dr. Phyo Thiha


#Credit : Radio NUG


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