Among the English proverbs that I have studied and memorized, I really like the one that says

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’. Its meaning is ‘no matter how bad the situation is, there is always something good behind it’.

It also means that good things always come after bad things.

In this period, almost everyone is facing many inconveniences and troubles. The difference is between those who speak out and those who don’t and those who post on Facebook and those who don’t. Actually, almost everyone is suffering from losing their jobs, families being separated, separation with beloved ones dead or alive, the loss of freedom, insecurities, loneliness and depression.

Our lives currently fall on the black/bad side of the wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune is always spinning, not stationary, so once the black side is over, the white side/good side will inevitably come.

In relation to the revolution, 4 people; Ko Jimmy, Ko Zeyar Thaw, Ko Aung Thura Zaw and Ko Hla Myo Aung, were hanged by the terrorist military council in the last few days. Losing them is a great loss for the country. Because they were not ordinary revolutionary leaders, but democratic icons. Not only in the Spring Revolution, but also in previous junta regimes, they spent their lives in revolution for democracy. Not only their family members, but also millions of people were saddened by their death.

The good thing on the other side of the bad, is that people, who are already tired and become cold-blooded, have immediately awakened with full strength and revolutionary spirit, as they were killed unjustly like that. A ‘15,000 Lakhs project dance with sisters’ for Sagaing not only did the mission succeed, but it went beyond it, and because there were too many people donating, the server failed and an error occurred. They have to apologize for not being able to give the honorable certificates on time. The reactions of people were that much stronger. Channels like C2D and Padaytharpin also saw a significant increase in revenue as click rates rebounded. As bond sales increased 4 times, the EOD (End of Dictatorship) shares that were auctioned off at MAH’s House have also sold out now. It is not wrong to say that these are the good of the bad.

Ko Kyaw @ Minn Maw Kun seems to be in grief inconsolably for Ko Jimmy and others being executed. Because of that, he said he gave understanding to his friends and artistic colleagues about their choices as they had their own choices and their history would pass down with them, but now, he will end term enemies and their related people and encouraged to Boycott (BC) and give Social Punishment (SP) against anyone who are in side with the military council. Because of that, People’s BC and SP have become powerful again. Money-orientated people in the name of artists feel guilt for not having a clear conscience, and they have to apologize and give an explanation to the public in particular. As SP and Boycott are important weapons for the revolution, people involvement is a good result.

Moreover, if you listen carefully to the speeches of NUG’s leaders, the words used in the international interviews, they will understand clearly the uttermost atrocities and true intentions of MAH (Min Aung Hlaing), and are making efforts to achieve victory for the revolution as soon as possible.

Some of the words in Foreign Minister Daw Zin Mar Aung’s speech to the United Nations Security Council touched my heart – “All the while I have respected every request to me to keep meeting secret, to be patient, to be grateful for your attention. All the while I want to scream ‘help! Help our people need your help’.”

According to the current situation, we are about to experience a particular turning point of change. Therefore, after being nasty without depression, continue to do what you can do. At least, we can do clicking. Let’s keep trying to be able to see the white side after passing the black side of the wheel of fortune as soon as possible. “Every cloud has a silver lining”, and good things always come after bad things, my friends….

Revolution must prevail!

Credit to

#Moe Kha


10:30 AM

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