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Currency Rate and Fluctuation

In the history of currency exchange, the Myanmar Kyat has fallen the worst downfall in value. In terms of US 1 dollar, the value changed hundreds in just a few hours.

The value of money owned by all people has fallen to a world record in a matter of hours.

How much damage will it cause to those who earn a living honestly and hardly? Will the military and their related communities be spared?

To say how people lack trust in the money paper produced by the military council, they don’t dare to hold it in their hands and they have started buying or changing competitively at any price in a disfigured manner. These are the consequences. Soon, we will have to think about the situation where we will have to exchange a bag of rice for a bag of paper money of the same size.

In the pharmaceutical sector for all people, between the border trade route and the company’s import route, the border route has completely stopped. Look at the closed doors of the Mingalar market’s shops.

As for companies, they have to do ice packing their heads for what to do so as not lose their capital from this exchange rate.

There are too much worrisome for the accessibility of essential drugs for life and chronic diseases. 

It is to worry that they will be depressed and divided in the storm.

As the rises in the prices of daily transport fees, water spinach price and all others are related to fuel, and now the gas stations are shaking their hands with their heads lowered, so the life is like stabbing with a spear on top of the wound.

The fuel policy of the military council is no longer a market-based system. It will not look at public relief. It is a policy that will only look at a group of few people.

Under the manipulation of a country to their preferences, they are preparing to have people buy at the price they ask.

Therefore, there is only one way to choose to make investments for the future and to fulfill the duty for the victory of the revolution.
That is to invest assets and money in the revolution dutifully.
The military council now practice “I ride my horse, Arrived in Sagaing”. (a proverb)
The person who lost everything in the card game, took out a dagger and planted it on the floor.
He said “This is a magic sword made of nine-graves iron, worth hundreds of thousands”, setting the price himself and not letting anyone get up and tearing the papers.

And he bullied by saying that “This is ten thousand and this is five thousand”.

They act like “I ride my horse, Arrived in Sagaing”. (a proverb)

People respond with “just as you know when you arrive in Sagaing”. (a proverb)
The military council’s unreasonable economic heist and rampage will have ripple effects too high.
It is not like the military council think that it would sink completely as the people have gathered and run to one side.
To face wisdom and unity when these big waves roof your head.
Those who have wealth should take care of their surroundings, choose and invest wisely for the future.
I don’t want you to be left holding on to Myanmar money, which is not even as guaranteed as Monopoly paper.

If you want to invest for the victory of the revolution to be faster, please implement it as soon as possible.
At the same time, it is worrying for the people who are empty-handed, bare-backed, and defenseless.
We have to support each other as we have only ourselves.
Even when there was a disaster like Covid-19, we were united by helping each other.
Now under the (man-made) wave, let’s face it together with no overturn and sink, and reach the beach together.
Let people feel safe by standing on each other’s backs.