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34th commemorative ceremony of 8888 Uprising

I would like to say to the world that “we have arrived at a situation where we have to choose between democracy and dictatorship.”

I would like to say on this 8888 Anniversary that the people of Myanmar, from somewhere in Southeast Asia of this world, have consistently and persistently chosen democracy since 34 years ago.
In every battle of the ages, people have done their duty.
Even before the change of democracy across Eastern Europe, Myanmar lit a light by sacrificing lives for the dark side of the world.
Let me shout this out to the world’s democratic community today.
Myanmar has started fighting for democracy since 1988.
Myanmar people are those who started early.

The world …
That should be enough for the lives of the people who have sacrificed for decades.

Instead of issuing a letter of concern, eliminate the dictators effectively.

Instead of meeting behind closed doors, deliver the defenses to houses of the people whose lives are under fire and bombardment.
The people of Myanmar are relying on themselves to protect against the excessive military force.
They are resisting by abandoning not only the farmland they love, but also the farming tools, earrings of parental inheritance without leaving anything to use when aged.
Those who are working as housemaids and hard work in other countries are still resisting the revolution with their savings without paying back their debts.
Among the relatives and family members of all people, there are members of the revolutionary army, and they are still participating in various forms.

They are still protesting on the streets every day.
Just seeing the photo of lifting three fingers on the mobile phone, the victim was arrested, tortured and killed.
Have you ever heard of that kind of life?
That really exists in Myanmar.
What kind of election do you expect from an army that is behaving like a fascist?
Can fascism be convinced?
You have to win with a bigger force, right?
This is the question of the Myanmar people.

This is the question of the people of Myanmar who are fiercely resisting the fascist army.

There are those who are fighting risking their lives, abandoning their houses and families in prison, in interrogation centers, in the forest, in the mountains, in the rain, in the wind, and with a wound in each person of every community.
Ask and investigate.
And think about it.
Look at that there are tens of thousands of political prisoners in prisons.
Their lives are being threatened every day, but they are still fighting in every way they can.
Their message came.
They are still fighting.
You need to look at their eyes and their life-threatening situation.

At every gathering of your family, see the lives of families somewhere in Asia that are broken in pain, having meals in the absence of certain family members, the mother’s prayers, the bombed schools and the medical centers attacked by helicopter.

In 8888, the people demanded and fought for democracy.
In this spring revolution, we are fighting together to get the federal system demanded by the ethnic groups.

Everyone will accept that fighting for belief by sacrificing our lives is the highest and ultimate standard.

It can be guested that our people have sacrificed a lot of their lives over the decades.

To show that the success of the Myanmar Spring Revolution is an example of the fall of dictators in the world and for all oppressed people in the world, we want to promise that we will continue to march towards what we believe in and we will surely achieve victory.

I would like to say to the world – which always declares, “We are now at the crossroads of democracy and dictatorship”- that on this 8888 Remembrance Day,
somewhere in the Southeast Asian region of this world,
the people of Burma/Myanmar have chosen, clearly and relentlessly,
for the past 34 years, the path of democracy.
I would like to say to the world, on this 8888 Remembrance Day,
In every revolution of every generation, the people have given their best and their all.

Before Eastern Europe had even tasted democracy,
Burma has been burning the candlelight to brighten the darker side of humanity, sacrificing so many lives and livelihoods throughout history.

May I express clearly today, to the brethren for democracy worldwide –

Dear world, Burma began the race for democracy since 1988 and was an early runner in this sprint.

The number of lives we have given in sacrifice for this end goal over the many decades should surely be enough!

Instead of endlessly declaring your shock and concern, it is due time that you genuinely act to end this brutal military dictatorship once and for all.

Instead of having closed-door meetings behind ears and eyes, it is time that you offer proper means and equipment for us to protect against the daily bombing and arson attacks by the brutal junta.

Burmese civilians are having to face this giant military might with whatever handmade equipment they can come up with, all on their own, without any support from any other nation.

We are giving up all our beloved livelihoods, farmland and farming equipment, even selling precious family heirlooms, to pay for whatever we may need to defend ourselves.

Those working abroad as domestic helpers or manual workers are refusing to pay back their initial debts and instead saving and devoting all their hard-earned cash towards defending their nation.

We have members of the revolution in every household among every family.

People are participating and fighting in many different ways.
There are many who stand out on the streets everyday without failure, declaring courageous defiance to the regime.

Have you ever heard of a nation in which simply having pictures on one’s phone holding a three fingers symbol, can cause one to be one captured, tortured and murdered with impunity?

This is happening in Burma right now!

What are you genuinely expecting to achieve from a sham election held by such a brutally fascist military regime?

Have fascists ever been pacified into action?

Are we not supposed to take them down with a mightier force instead?

This is the question being asked by all Burmese.

This is the question being asked by all Burmese who do not and will not bow down to this military fascist regime. Though we have no military might, we still remain tap on our personal power.

There are so many of us who have had to leave our homes and families behind to end up in prisons and torture camps,

in the rough terrain and weather of forests or the wilderness,

fighting for our lives and fighting for our families.
So many wounded are both physically and mentally, in every home and every household, among all our friends and all our families.

Do ask around.

Do investigate.

And then do discern.

Look at the tens of thousands of political prisoners jailed nationwide.

They are still fighting for their lives and their beliefs.
Their lives are threatened every single day.
They are tortured and suffer every single day..

Yet in their messages, they still bravely declare that they continue on valiantly in this fight.

One can see in their eyes how precarious and dangerous their situation truly is.
Whenever you meet as a family during your mealtimes, do think of a faraway nation in Asia
where families are broken, where some members will never be able to return to the dinner table,
where mothers mourn everyday for their children,
where schools are bombed every single day
and military helicopters attack clinics endlessly and relentlessly.

In 8888, many civilians demanded democracy and fought valiantly for the cause.

In today’s Spring Revolution, we are all fighting alongside many ethnic groups for an inclusive federal democratic union.

To give our lives and fight for something that we truly believe in, is the highest and most dignified of all personal endeavours and we all can agree on this.

You can now see that we civilians have been giving our lives for many decades in such a manner.

By succeeding in our revolution in Burma, we will exemplify to this world that dictatorship can truly come to an end. We go forth in our struggles on behalf of all oppressed peoples everywhere.

We promise and declare to all that our revolution must and will succeed.

#Min Ko Naing

34th commemorative ceremony of 8888 Uprising

#Credit to Min Ko Naing