The most important thing needed right now is “Resilience”.

There are 4 types.

1. Physical resilience

It means having good stamina, good immunity, speedy recovery and survival skills (ability to survive in any circumstance). This part tends to weaken when living standards rise. For example, one can’t sleep without air-con, one can’t eat a meal without soup. It’s better to try to live flexible in any condition.

It would be more difficult for those with poor health and chronic diseases. For those who haven’t,

I want them to have a healthy lifestyle. Reduction of smoking, drinking alcohol and betel chewing, doing regular exercise, regular eating and sleeping and stress reduction etc. should be done.

2. Psychological resilience

“The ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, uncertainty, etc.”

In another means,

“Working through emotional pain and suffering.”

Therefore, psychological resilience doesn’t mean not having any emotion or stress. It’s, in the presence of these, the ability to continue doing what needs to be done. It’s the ability to bounce back when faced with uncertainty, evil deeds, defeats and criticism.

3. Emotional resilience

To give an example of a common word during the covid period, it’s like wearing PPE. Like wearing PPE to prevent infections from outside, we need to wear emotional PPE to prevent bad feelings from entering our mind. Those are staying with consciousness in your own mind (that’s why I’m encouraging you to do meditation), staying away from negative and toxic people and, during the revolution, not to contact with those who live superficial and unrelated.

The future is also dark. The more I think about it, the more I become choked. So, it’s also important to try to stay straight in the present as much as possible. If not, when I think about the past, I feel burned out and when I think about the future, I feel worried.

4. Community resilience

each other. Glossary stores don’t sell at a higher price. The rich one doesn’t buy too much selfishly. People don’t do the punic buying. Sharing, helping and giving sympathy to those who are lacking and need help. Support each other mentally.

As in the revolution, people are not living unrelated and sitting on the sidelines. The ones who can take a weapon will take it, who can help with wisdom will help, who can provide money will provide and who can click will click. Solve the different views with respect, discuss, undivided and not listen to propaganda. These all are called “Community resilience”.

In conclusion, as an individual, we need to be physically and mentally strong. As a community, we need to hold hands and stick together. By doing so, I believe we will be able to pass this hardship period successfully.

Dr. Phio Thiha


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