In the Myanmar Spring Revolution that started on February 1, 2021, the students and the people who lost their lives before reaching their goal. Comrades have become thousands of years old now that a year has passed.

Those who lost their lives due to the suppression of terrorist shooting while demonstrating peacefully. Arrested and tortured unjustly and during the interrogation. Those who gave their lives in prison, Those who lost their lives due to an accident while testing an urban guerrilla mission. Those who died while serving the mission, Those who lost their lives in the forest due to insufficient medicine. Those who lost their lives in battle because of insufficient weapons. Some people were killed without knowing it. Some had to live in mass.

Straight thinking that he will oppose injustice, They bravely stood on the side of truth and sacrificed their lives. At night, it’s nice to see a star falling beautifully from the sky, but during the revolution, the young stars blossomed one by one. Falling down one by one day after day is too painful.
But even though these little stars have died, their names will shine brightly throughout the ages.

Each survivor has a responsibility to ensure that the lives they sacrificed in this revolution are not wasted. We all need to step out even more so that no more stars fall. Only then, if he had survived in the country where the meteors had carried him on his shoulders, he would have been able to survive safely. And they will be able to speak confidently about the striped stars that have fallen.

Let’s try not to forget the dead.

And things have happened..
Those who wandered have wandered away
After grieving…

Go to these πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»
This is the PRFM program that I will help as much as I can to the revolutionary soldiers every month. It’s very useful, the OFP is solid, it flows directly to the MOD

PRF Program

There are CDM donation boxes for revolutionary comrades fleeing the war. There is also a loyal pledge program (LPP) where you can donate to whatever you like every month.

CDM donation boxes

This website United Bonds

Donate while trying your luck Do you still want to try your luck while donating?

Here is the spring lottery

CDM clickers who have to go back to work
Although the terrorist rebels are saying that it is a wave government

There is link

They are always there.

You can see the medical service online and they are ready online. You can book from here. Service is excellent.

Are you required mind healer? You go to there and get a suggestion. They are are always there.

The students who do not want to attend and learn the SAC’s education, you can learn from MDYLink 1 and YGNLink 2.

Not only this place, anywhere we will be helping hands which are required to help where we are at any countries and anytime.

All we have very strong desired to win then we will sure win the revolution.


The names of the stars who have fallen have been recorded up to March 26, 2021, and from March 27 to today (19 Feb 2022).

So there are still many unnamed stars not recorded.


#Credit Burmese Alphabet Spring Visual Art

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